Engineering Girls @ the Beach

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Donations:  All donations must be made directly to the CSULB Foundation. We do not work with a third party for any fundraising. 

Next Program Date:  March 7, 2014 (Friday)

The following schools have been approved to attend:
  1. Barton Elementary School
  2. Chavez Elementary School
  3. Edison Elementary School
  4. Lakeside Middle School
Program Description
Participating K-12 school educators have reported that the younger students who attended "Women Engineers @ the Beach," a program which serves middle and high school students, would have felt more comfortable learning among those of the same age. Conceived in Spring 2009, "Engineering Girls @ the Beach," offered once every Spring semester at California State University, Long Beach, was developed specifically to provide elementary school and early-middle school students (grades 4-6) with an event that is more age-appropriate. In order to promote the importance of mathematics for engineering success, the program serves students from the top tier of those enrolled in advanced or honors level mathematics. For elementary school students (grades 4 and 5), the mean CST mathematics scores, at Advanced Proficient ranking, expected. For middle school students, Math Accelerated in grade 6 is expected.

"Engineering Girls @ the Beach will provide participants with an extension of what they are already learning in their classrooms. It is our hope that Engineering Girls @ the Beach will leave a lasting impression on our youngest participants. Reaching out to girls at a much younger age is critical in a generation where self-expression is valued over self-control, where Brittany Spears is more of a role model than their math and science teachers or renowned engineers such as Grace Murray Hopper and Judith Resnik.”    ~ Lily Gossage, Founder