2013 Photos

Photos can be viewed via below links. Photo release forms were collected for individuals depicted in the photos.
Photos are courtesy of Lily Gossage, Greg Gossage, and Leo Rodriguez.

Columbia Memorial Space Center ("Mission Control" Simulation)
Engineering Student Organization Activities (Photos taken by Lily Gossage)
  • Real-live Angry Birds and Tower-building Activity with ASCE (Coming soon!)
  • Photos taken by ASCE
  • Game & Dance Night with NSBE (Coming soon!)
  • Soccer Activity with SHPE (Coming soon!)
  • "Future Engineers" T-shirt distribution with SHPE (Coming soon!)
  • Movie Night with SWE (Coming soon!)

Other Activities (Photos taken by Lily Gossage)

Graduation Ceremony & Closing (Photos taken by Greg Gossage)
  • Graduation photos with Mr. Darick Simpson & Lily Gossage (Coming soon!)
  • Departure; Charter bus provided by Mr. Johnathan Wilson (Coming soon!)
Additional photos, taken by Leo Rodriguez, will be uploaded sometime after the week of November 4, 2013.

Portrait Photos (Taken by Leo Rodriguez; Coming Soon!)
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Residential Assistants & Mentors
  • CSULB Advocates