Women Engineers at the Beach, Spring 2010

Kimberly-Clark National Outreach Award-Winning Program

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Noteworthy Achievements
In Fall 2009, CSULB's cornerstone women-in-engineering program, Women Engineers @ the Beach, was awarded the coveted Kimberly-Clark Outreach Award by the national Society of Women Engineers. In Spring 2010, Women Engineers @ the Beach celebrated 10 years o f inspiring young girls to pursue Engineering. Program participants hail from traditionally under-represented and under-resourced communities. Its most recent event offering was held Spring 2013.
“Ten years is an important milestone for the College of Engineering, the conference, and all its partners. We have come so far in the past decade, but there still is a lot to do because the sociocultural issues that establish male and female expectations of career roles still exist . These gender roles go against the research that tells us that girls are very capable at succeeding in math- and science-based careers. Stereotypes, social non-conformity, public sentiment, and self-efficacy are major reasons why the opportunities for young girls to explore the mathematical-logical part of cognitive thought, needed to succeed in a male-dominated profession, are limited."   ~ Lily Gossage, Founder

Our Advocacy Programs
As part of the national initiative to increase the number of women in engineering academia and industry, several outreach programs are designed to reach out to the the K-12 student population. To promote the value of early outreach, these programs have been featured in local media.

Spring 2013:  Long Beach Press Telegram photos (courtesy of Brittany Murray)
Spring 2013:  ASME article