Vanessa Rivera

Vanessa Rivera

Rocio Hernandez (mom)
I enjoy studying math because it's one of the subjects you need to know to go to college. I also enjoy making science projects because if you have a hypothesis you can find out if your hypothesis was correct.

If I get the opportunity to go I will be interested in becoming an engineer. I will try to build a creative robot, but most importantly I will have the experience of a lifetime.

In 4th grade, I participated in student council, it was a great experience because we got to choose what spirit days we get to have. I have been awarded student of the month for every grade.

In 5th grade, I got Principal's Honor Roll twice. My principal, Mr. Littlejohn, took everyone who got Principal's Honor Roll to meet the owner of McDonald's, he was very interesting! I have helped the police clean up our neighborhood, I got dirty but I felt really proud of myself for helping my community.

One of the things that inspired me to learn about engineering was that I participated in the Women Engineer program at CSULB, it was a lifetime experience because I became interested in engineering. In 4th grade, I went to a robotics field trip and I saw how they were building the robots, it was difficult but fun!

I think you should choose me because I'm a ard worker, I study, and if I don't understand something I keep trying until I get it right. If you choose me or not I will understood, it's still an honor that you chose me for this program!