Alexa Ara

My interest in engineering is that I love solving problems. With engineering, there are so many possibilities. I could construct building bridges, or be a chemical engineer, computer engineer, or a mechanical engineer. I enjoy my technology class, using Microsoft processors. I love math class, even doing the homework. I am in the Advanced (accelerated) math class and I plan to participate in my school’s Rov program next year. I also play the violin in an ensemble, and I believe there is a correlation between mathematics and music. I also am fully bilingual and have language arts classes in both Spanish and English. I am inspired to follow engineering by thinking that I could be an important person in the future to the world or nation. I also have a family member who has some engineering experience and I love to see her experiment with her ideas and projects. I believe I should be selected for this program because I would apply all that I learn from this program’s experience in my future education.