Emily Galindo

My interest in engineering are airplanes. I want to find out and learn how they can fly and how they can stay up in the sky. The subjects I like, are math and science. I like them because they are fun and easy to learn for me. I have scored an advanced proficient grade in these subjects, which is why I like them. I feel very capable of being successful in both. Unfortunately, at my school there is no GATE program, but I am a qualified GATE student. I am in the Dual Immersion program at my school. In this program I get the opportunity to learn two languages at the same time. I am a fluent speaker, reader, and writer in English and Spanish. I am happy to be able to communicate with family members that don’t speak English and talk to people that don’t speak Spanish. I had the experience to build a robot. It was a really fun activity and that inspired me to learn more about engineering. I should be chosen for this program because I would like to learn about technology and make the technology more advanced in our world.