Kiara (Coco) Sanabria

My interests in engineering and technology are stimulated by all of the mechanisms and gadgets. I enjoy studying courses such as art, cello, and math: art because it’s inspiring, unique and creative; and playing the cello because it’s soothing and has a deep sound. Finally, I enjoy math because it has puzzles, pi π , geometry and brain teasers. I just participated in district orchestra, which is where the best students from each school come together to rehearse for five weeks and end with a concert. I was also in the science fair, something voluntary to participate in. I’m also in GATE. Some events which have inspired me to learn more about engineering are district science fair projects, girls engineering day, girls in space and nature, and Cal Tech Girl Scout science and engineering day. I should be selected for this program because I have a passion for math and I love science.