Delyn Tom

I am very interested in engineering and technology because I want to explore a lot. I like creating new ideas. It would be exciting to build or think of a creative way to form a building or to invent a new type of technology for our big world. I am also interested in technology because I could also learn how to invent new kinds of technology and to create modern technology. At my school, I enjoy studying. My two favorite courses are math and science. I really enjoy math because I love learning new lessons and I love problems that I can solve. I also really enjoy science because it helps me figure out how to solve tricky science problems that I can solve. When I was a fourth grader, I was one out of two students who was awarded principle’s honor roll at I.E.S. Now, that I’m a fifth grader, I’m in an Excel program which I’m very grateful of. I was also selected to be an S.O.S. member (society of students) to represent our school. As an S.O.S. member we think of creative ideas to make our school a better place. In the year 2010-2011 I was given an opportunity to experience engineering girls at the “beach” at CSULB and this experience inspired me to learn more about engineering because engineering is a great career. It is a great career because mostly the stuff we use today was invented by the wonderful engineering. I also think I should be selected for this program because I want to learn more about engineering history so I can be one someday.