Abigail Ouellette

I am interested in engineering because it is exciting, it’s hard work that makes you learn a lot, and it requires strategy. In the robotic program that I just finished, I experienced that engineering is exciting because I am good at it.  I loved designing and building the ROV. The hard work it took to make the robot was still fun and made me learn so many things. So I can answer the questions people ask me that I never could before. Also, I found out that engineering takes teamwork and strategy.  Working together to make our strategy was the only way to complete our task. Everyone’s different opinions and ideas joined up to make one big, successful solution. My favorite courses are math and science. I those two subjects because they both take strategy and concentration. In the SeaPerch robotics program, we built underwater remote operated vehicles. We completed the robots as a team, which caused me to learn more about science.

You should select me because I am very interested in going to college and hopefully learning more about math and science. I also want to have fun on the way. I would also really like to see what it’s like living on a college for a few days. Also, I’ve never gotten to experience something this amazing and if I presume correctly, this is probably not an offer that is going to come around for a while. So, that’s why I think you should select me.

(Abigail pictured with Dorothy Ouellette, mom)