Andrea Ramos

Hello, my name is Andrea Ramos. First I would like to thank you for this opportunity. I believe that technology and engineering are very interesting. Without both of them things would look like the pioneer days. We should appreciate what we have. Technology and engineering got better as the decades passed. What used to be rooms full of film can now be packed into a microchip. Isn’t that amazing? I enjoy all subjects. My personal favorites are math and reading.  Both subjects you will see for the rest of your life. I might as well enjoy them. It will effect my future positively. I am currently participating or have participated in the District Science Fair. For two years I have participated in the Science Fair. I have also been to Engineering Girls at CSULB (Go 49ers!). I’m participating in SeaPerch. We just finished building our ROVs. On Saturday, June 8th, we are going to a competition on the USS Iowa. SeaPerch helped me realize that engineering is interesting for me, as well as technology.

I feel I should be selected because I always try my best. The try your best rule or guideline is one I intend to keep. Also, it will help me with my college selection. I have a long list of colleges I would like to attend and it starts with CSULB (Go 49ers!) and ends hopefully at Oxford. I wish to become a doctor, engineer, technician, etc. I have many dreams I wish to accomplish. This just might help me make those dreams come true. Also, I want to make my parents prouder of me. Even though their pride levels are at max, there is still room for more. Thank you for your time.

(Andrea pictured with Teresa Equiha, mom)