Mary Fehr

When I grow up I want to do something with technology and I’m thinking about being an engineer. I enjoy math because I like to solve problems. I also enjoy science because I like to do experiments. I enjoy researching science information on the internet. For example I did research on the planet Uranus and made a poster with facts and pictures. My teacher asks us to go on the internet for extra credit projects. Last year in 4th grade I was picked to participate in "Engineering Girls at the Beach." Right now I am participating in SeaPerch. We built an ROV submarine. Our principal Mr. Littlejohn called us engineers. Building the ROV inspired me to learn more about engineering. I stayed last every time so that I could help out and get the ROV finished and ready to go. I think I should be in this program because I have shown that I am a dedicated and hard worker.

(Mary pictured with Richard Fehr, dad)