Ana Marroquin

I’m interested in participating in the NASA learning experience because I’d like to travel to the moon one day.  I would also like to learn more about space.  One of my inspirations was a trip I went on to CSULB.  We learned all about engineering and that inspired me to be an engineer one day.  I want to be a female engineer because I’m respectful, hard working, and a responsible person.  I also love math!

I feel I should be selected because I believe I am a good candidate for the program.  I’m a good student, trustworthy, caring, and last but not least I’m a blithesome person with positive energy!  Another reason I should be selected is because I would like to learn more about engineering.

I am interested in entering other programs too.  I should be selected once again because I want to prove to boys that girls can do the same things they do.  I’m very positive and out-going.  I would like to go to Ohio because I want to learn more about space and engineering.  I hope I am selected.