Ashley Lopez

I've always wondered how it's like to be up in space discovering new things. I think with this experience I could learn and enjoy many new things. I am interested in participating in the NASA Learning Experience because I love math and science and they help you through out your life. This will benefit my career that I plan on pursuing which is Women Engineering. It would also benefit me by helping me understand and learn new things that would make my life and future career easier.

When I went to Women Engineering at CSULB we built some rockets and launched them. The rockets interested me by seeing them launch off. It made me want to go and see an actual rocket launch and even go on one and feel the experience on how it feels like to launch off into outer space. Also the airplane video game interested me on how a pilot actually lands and how it prepares to land.

The Human Factors interested me how people don't do things right. For example people put a sign that says turn the handle up when you're suppose to turn it down. I think with this experience of the NASA it will make me want to become a Women Engineer more than I already want to and I could make the Human Factors right. I would like to be a Women Engineer changing the Human Factors making the world a better place and after everything feeling proud of making a difference in the world.

This program of Women Engineering at CSULB inspired me making me want to learn more about Women Engineering and becoming one. All these activities gave me information and made me interested in Women Engineering. I would love to become a Women Engineer and have a career in engineering. I would like to excel in math and science because they are there through out your life and career.

Overall, becoming a Woman Engineer is a step to a better future. I would love to be selected because engineering is an exciting and successful career. Also because I love math and science which are interesting and helpful subjects, I am in excel and participate in student council, and I'm the president of the school trying to make things better. A career in engineering can make the world a better place and change the world.