Ashley Marie DeAnda

Everything that has to do with science or engineering grabs my attention; this is why I want to participate in the NASA Learning Experience.  I want to learn about how things work, especially if it deals with space.  Going on the NASA Learning Experience will bring great benefits.  For one, I have never been to Ohio so I will see new places and experience new things which I could not do if I stayed in Compton.  There are many questions I have about engineering that I might find answers to if I went on this trip.  Most of all, I know I will benefit from all the things I’ll see and learn and bring back to my family and friends.

I am very involved in my school.  I am in cheerleading and dance clubs.  I helped out the students running for Student Council.  I also participate in all the contests the classroom or school has; I even won a best essay contest for Social Studies.  I was a part of writing a storybook for the Clippers Storybook Challenge and we won a trip to the Clippers game.  I also won an art contest depicting what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I should be selected to attend the NASA Learning Experience because I know I will learn a lot and I know you will be helping a girl bring out the best in her.