Benita Sanitbanez

Dear NASA, I think I should participate in NASA Learning Experience, because I really love math and science. In my last math test, trimester 2 my score was 100%. I will love going to Cleveland, Ohio because this will be a great place to go and learn more things that I didn't know. I never traveled to another state before, and I'm really looking forward to going to college and being a women engineer. I want to be a women engineer because women engineer is all about math and science. What I love about science is the solar system because of the stars. The stars are my favorite things because they make different kinds of shapes in the sky. I will like to get on a rocket ship and see the stars up close. What I like about math is all the things you can figure out. I will love to learn the formula of strange shapes like a hexagon. When I went to the field trip to CSULB for the women engineer I was so excited. The first place my group went is electric playground. My partner and I were connecting wire to wire. The mascot in CSULB school color was black and gold. Black stands for oil, golds stands for gold nuggets. If I'm chosen I will be so excited to go. I hope NASA picks me to go to the Cleveland, Ohio.