Chloe Boscon

I am interested in the NASA learning experience because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I would get to see things that other people never get a chance to see.  I would love to go see space someday.  It would also be my first trip on an airplane and out of the state.  So it would be very exciting!

I am in many special programs at my school.  I have been on the Principal’s Honor Roll for 2 semesters.  This is a big achievement because I had to get perfect grade and behavior.  Only 8 students at my school received the honor.  I also enjoy singing in the school chorus and have played the violin for 3 years.

I am interested in engineering because I would like to learn how things work and that makes space travel possible.  I think it would be fascinating to discover if there is other life in the universe.  Also, it would be grat to learn about all the new technology and possibly create it someday.

I feel I deserve to go on the NASA learning experience because I am a hard worker, I am a wonderful student, and I am a good listener.  I am also always there when you need someone to talk to an am very fun to be around.  If I am selected I know it will be an experience I will never forget.  It may even inspire me to become an engineer myself when I grow up.