Cinthya Lopez

I am interested in participating in the NASA Learning Experience because eit will help my future career.  This program will also give me advantages for my school years.  A special event I has participated was our schools Science Fair for 5th grade and I had won 1st place.  I had also went to the district to compete with other science projects.  I have also gotten Honor Rolls for years and this year I had got one.  My family is one thing that inspires me to get a good career and education.  They had been the one who inspired me.  The science fair encouraged me to keep trying and never give up.  The honor roll inspired me to be the best I can to get certificates and awards.  The science fair inspired me to learn more about engineering because you can use our imagination to build robots, rockets, or even alarms.  I feel that I will be chosen because I have good grades, I have participated in some things, and I take effort in m papers. I also take interest in my work and projects.