Citlalli Jimenez

I am interested in the NASA Learning Experience because I want to learn about the different tools that are used by engineers.  I think that engineers have to plan their ideas but they also get to use their hands to build them.  Engineers are very helpful to the world because if they didn’t have tools that they have now we probably wouldn’t even have a computer.

I would benefit from the NASA Glenn Research Center because I like to know how things work.  I like to take things and pull them apart and I am a big fan of puzzles.  I think that I will learn new ideas and think differently about the way things work.  I will also meet new people that like math, art, putting things together, and thinking beyond like me.  May be I can make something that will help people live better someday.

We had several science experiments this year that were really fun.  It included a lot of measuring, note-taking, and drawing which is everything I like to do.  I participated in the Science Fair, where I learned that we had to explain the way our projects worked and why we were researching it.  I learned that I liked the science process, displaying my work, and explaining.

I think that I should be picked because I like to work hard and love math and science.  I also like to work with others and think that working together as a team is better.  Maybe, I will meet women that are real engineers that will talk about what they are researching.  We probably could build something together.