Crystal Salas

Wow! I just realized what a great opportunity this is for me. I will never get another chance to go to the NASA Glenn Research Center. If I get selected, I will promise to go to every meeting that I need to go to. I will not get scared to go on the plane ride. I think I should get picked because I have great interest in math and science. They are my two favorite subjects in class. To me they are easy to understand. When I went to the women engineering field trip, they taught me that I will always need math and science in life. Also that I will always use it. Until this day, they are correct. I really enjoyed the women engineering field trip. I heard that only 10% of engineers are women and I want to change that percent. The field trip has made me want to become a women engineer. I know some people think that kids want to go because it's free but I actually want to learn stuff from the field trip and bring my info to Long Beach and share it.