Cynthia Solares

I want to be selected for this amazing opportunity because I want to show myself and my family that I can achieve great things.  This trip to Cleveland, Ohio to see the NASA Glenn Research Center would allow me to learn more about space and the NASA space program.  I am very, very interested in learning about science because it has several different topics.  For example, plants, animals, space, matter, and so much more.  If I had to choose a favorite topic I would have to choose space.  Not only I am interested in science, but I am also interested in becoming an engineer someday because my cousin is an engineer and he tells me that he enjoys it and it took a lot of hard work, but it was worth it.  I also feel I should be selected because not everyone in my family gets an opportunity this big and it would be an honor to be chosen.  My final reason I feel I should be selected is because I think I have good scores on my math tests and my reading comprehension tests and I feel that I am responsible enough to go to Cleveland, Ohio and visit the NASA Glenn Research Center.