Elizabeth Warren

I like engineering and technology because you get to construct and build things.  Computers is a way of technology, I love computers because of the internet.  Also because I am able to search for things quickly.  I like talking to my friends online too.  Using this type of technology saves a lot of time, and now things that would have taken hours in the past takes only a matter of minutes.  I enjoy math because the more I do it the more it comes easy to me.  Math is something I can apply to engineering.  I previously attended the Women’s Engineering program and by attending, it sparked my interest.  Also it made me aware of the possibilities of things I can do through engineering and technology.  I feel like I should be selected for the program because I am a quick learner and eager to gain as much knowledge as I can.  I believe the program will help me understand how technology and engineering will open up several opportunities for me.  It will also connect me to my future.  By becoming an engineer, I can give back to my community.  I also looked on the website about your program.  It explained how they reach out to young girls before they’re subjected to peer pressure.  Also it removes negative mindsets about math by showing us the practical uses of math.  In conclusion, that is the reason why I would like to attend your program.