Gisselle Perez

I am interested in participating in this NASA program, even though I don’t have that much experience in science, but I love to fix thinks even when I was a little girl.  I want to experience the NASA program to see real technology and how it works to encourage myself to become an engineer and be successful in life.

The programs and honor courses that I’m participating are: I am the vice president of the Student Council.  I am focus on improving my school with planning activities.  I am in the Principal’s Honor Roll cause I get good grades, since I am a dedicated and hard working student I have been in Principal’s Honor Roll.  Also I am in Girls Club, we focus in helping our community by planting new gardens and we donate books to other girls in community fairs.

I got inspired because I read a book about Mae Jemison an African-American woman that became the first African-American astronaut and I know woman can do anything that a man can do.

I feel that I should be selected for NASA program because I want to succeed in engineering and I want to be the first in my family to go to college, so this NASA program will help me to reach my goals.  I hope that you would give me this opportunity to participate in the NASA program.  Thanks.