Laura Gomez

I have never been to NASA before.  I really want to go because the most important thing is I want to learn about NASA.  I want to experience NASA and I want to feel how it is being in space and an astronaut.

I just will no be going to NASA for fun.  I will go there to get a great educational experience.  I would benefit by knowing more about NASA.  I will have a good experience and having NASA experiences is helpful because it will help me in my future.  I will be surely more encouraged to learn more about NASA.

I participate in many programs and activities.  I attend an after school program called Wrap.  I do my homework in Wrap and we learn activities that make me think about how things work.  Another program I am in is student council in student council we think of good ideas to help our school and students.  I have received several honors: one is principal’s honor role, I acquire the honor because I got all 4s in my report card.  My last accomplishment activity is AP in math facts I received that one because I obtained advanced proficient in all four operations.

 There are many reasons why I should go to NASA.   One of the reasons is that I know that I am good student and deserve to go.  Another reason why  I should go is because I am a very responsible person.

I am very interested in engineering and space. I know engineering is the discipline, art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific mathematical, economic, social and practical knowledge, and I know space is such an alien environment that attempting to work in it requires new techniques and knowledge.  So I wish I could get to go to NASA to learn more about engineering and space technology.