Melanie Salazar

Hello, my name is Melanie Salazar and I attend Roosevelt Elementary School. There are many reasons why I am interested in the NASA program, but the most important one is that I find space and engineering interesting, I plan to be an engineer one day so that I could gain knowledge about how I could even the outer world, make my surroundings and wonderful and better place. This would truly benefit from this experience beacuse it would motivate and inspire me to have a goal to set in my mind for the future. I also enjoy math and science. One of my favorite topics for science was the space unit. I enjoyed learning about the planets and solar system. On my trip to CSULB with women engineering how the robots could really move if you talk to it or move it with the controller it has. And for math I think its an important thing because you mostly use math in your life for example when you cook you use measurements and numbers. So I think you should pick me because I am interested in learning the topics of engineering and I would love to know that.