Nataly Gonzalez

Hello I am Nataly Gonzalez a 5th grade student at Cesar Chavez Elementary School.  I am one of the nominee and would want to thank NASA for making this learning experience possible in Ohio.  I am very well excited to participate because it’s a great opportunity to experience the findings of NASA.  I would also like to participate in this adventure after being inspired by my current science teacher.  I would benefit from this program as NASA shares inspiration and knowledge of science and will be a part of me as I grow up to be a responsible, and respectful science lover.

Aura Ozone Monitoring Garden

Do to my asthma history I developed curiosity to learn about Atmospheric Chemistry.  This particular program interests me because of the air that surrounds  us as we breathe.  It’s the aound of Ozone that damages the earth’s environment, which in my case my lung tissue.  That’s why in this program I would like to study the health of our atmosphere and how it can affect and know when it would damage on plants by the polluted air of Ozone!

I consider myself a very competitive young girl who likes to demonstrate my true self and I believe it shows day by day at school, sports that I participate and interest of my surroundings.  I feel that I should be one that proudly represents my school because I think it would be a great honor to experience and fulfill my interests.