Priscila Morales

This opportunity is a special in my life, not everyone is guaranteed a spot. That's why I am determined to go to NASA. I think this experience offers so much that seems to ensure success. I'll be able to live my dream of being an engineering girl. I know what I want since I visited CSU Long Beach.

I developed a deep interest for science and math. I devour books about stars, electricity, the works. I read anything that has information. I especially relish books that talk of past and present, and possibly future engineering women. I also obtain information about my future career.

I want to go to NASA because I will learn about the fascinating exposure space. Picture this: me about a decade from now, applying for an exceptional career. I will include in my resume that I went to NASA at 11. Then, I will be hired. That's because hardly anyone age 11 gets to go to NASA.

I know a career as an engineering woman will ensure me a good future. That's precisely what many want but don't get. But this program offers me what is in demand. That's something that will help me and my country.

The participation in this opportunity will hlep me a lot in my education. It will help me increase knowledge about engineering. It will guide me and inspire me someday to continue a career based on math and science. The U.S. needs more engineers to create the pathway for many generations. Unlike many women, I want to help to create that pathway.

I feel I should be included in this opportunity. I feel that way because I developed a deep interest for math and science when I was very young. Even now, I devour books about hose two subjects. In fact, last year in the CST, I scored 600 in math. I strive to learn even more.

I feel I should be included because of these reasons. I hope you consider it, and I urge you to do so.