Tasneem Khatib

My interest in science goes back as far as I can remember and being selected for the NASA Learning Experience would motivate me even more.  My parents were mathematics and science teachers.  They make science a fun and daily thing.  There are always some experiments and discoveries to get our minds going.  My family’s favorite place is the California Science Center and we go there very often.

It would be great being selected to visit and experience the NASA Glen Center.  The benefits of this would open my mind to even more of the possibilities of scientific applications.   Also, it could only be a benefit to be around other kids who also enjoy science and technology.  I think it would cause me to work even harder at being a good student.

I attend Caldwell Elementary School and I am in the Gifted and Talented Education Program.  I have done my best and I have a straight A average.  I currently take flight lessons to be a pilot with the Flight Sim Cadet Pilot Course at the Compton Airport.  This year my brother and I won 1st place in the Compton School District’s Science Fair.  This is my second year in a row.

I have worked hard to be a top student.  I have a love of science and I plant to be a scientist one day.  It would be an honor and a great experience to be selected.  Being selected would be a great opportunity for any kid, but especially for a kid who loves science, like me.