Trinity Johnson

Ever since I can remember I have loved math and have been very good at it.  Since before kindergarten, math has been my favorite subject.  But it wasn’t until I went to the first grade that I realized that I loved science too.  In the first grade I entered the school’s science fair and won first place.  Ever since, science has become my second favorite subject.  After telling my mom what my favorite subjects were, she showed me how math and science work hand in hand.  Mom is also good in math and she works in the engineering field.  After she showed me how my two favorite subjects work together, I has decided that I would like to become a scientist.  I haven’t decided which kind of scientist I want to become.  But through the GATE program, the Women in Engineering and other programs, I am learning about the different jobs in the science field that will help me make my decision.

I want to visit NASA’s Glenn Research Center because I feel that I’m going to be a scientist when I get older.  I am very interested in NASA and how everything works within it.  Also, I want to go because the experience and exposure will help me make a better decision as to the kind of scientist I want to become in the future.