About the Program

Although there have been great contributions made by women in the field of engineering, women still comprise less than 10% of engineering industry. In 1974, women comprised about 1.6% of the 50,286 enrolled engineering students. This number jumped to 14.8% of 78,225 students by 1994. However, this increase in enrollment not mirror that which exists in engineering industry. The National Center for Education Statistics' publication, The Condition of Education (2001), points outs that although women have earned more than half of all bachelor's degrees, only 17% of those degrees were in engineering. The majority of the degrees that women earned were in professions such as education, English, and visual and performing arts. These facts, coupled with the lack of engineering awareness by secondary school counselors and teachers and societal expectations of appropriate female-male roles also contribute to the low numbers of women engineers. "Women Engineers @ the Beach" was developed to inspire young students to consider careers in Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science.

"Women Engineers @ the Beach" is an important outreach effort of the College of Engineering at CSULB. The purpose of this one-day program is based on the understanding of those factors affecting girls' success in engineering, technology, and other non-traditional career fields; in particular, the relationship between self-efficacy and mathematics performance. This program prides itself on serving students who show strength in mathematics, a factor that correlates positively in predicting performance in undergraduate engineering programs during the college years.

Due to the limited space, popularity, and focus on serving students who would do well in engineering, this program continues to be highly competitive. Only the the top tier of high-performing students who demonstrate achievement in mathematics achievement are selected to participate.

Who Can Participate?
  • Middle and High School  students who are on the PreCalculus/Calculus math track
  • Must have strong math and physical science background (e.g., Honors or Advanced Algebra, PreCalculus, Calculus)
  • Priority extended to students from special academic programs (e.g., GATE, Honors, Merit Scholars, etc.) where enrollment in above-grade-level mathematics is evident
What do I need to do in order to Participate?
  • Students must contact key school personnel: Science/Math teachers, Science/Math Club Advisors, Counselors, Special Program Coordinators
  • School personnel must request approval for application via the program registration process

Donations:  All donations must be made directly to the CSULB Foundation. We do not work with a third party for any fundraising.